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VAN-GO Decals

Van-Go Decals is Justine’s latest fun, funky, innovative and tongue in cheek decal business idea to spread fun, colour and her wonderfully colourful and creative artwork that will ‘pimp the ride’ of many in the community.


Justine is aiming her colourful decals to brighten up the lives of wheelchair users, helping caravan, kombi and RV owners to stand out from the crowd in caravan parks and on the roads across Australia, and any house owner looking for both privacy and a point of difference the innovative application as one way window designs. 


Justine’s bright decals make it a lot easier to locate your campervans in crowded caravan parks. Where all vans look similar, helping with memory issues.


The Van-Go Decals are this multi award winning artists way of brightening up the world and diversifying JUZT art into far reaching everyday designs.


Creativity and redesigning the way art is utilised and shared is the thought behind Justine’s brilliant innovation coming to a wheelchair, house, caravan, RV near you.  


Heck let’s no limit where these fantastic Van-Go Decal could show up.  

Van-Go Decal coming to wherever you want. To brighten your world!

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