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Victim To Victory

Victim To Victory


Justine Martin and other courageous authors in this book tell their stories with open hearts and minds. They share their struggles, pain, and ultimately their triumphs to go from victim to victory to become the victorious people they are today.

Producer and Global Podcaster, Tracey Cook, has assembled this group of amazing people to bring you the first of what will become a series to inspire and encourage us to keep going, to keep striving, to become our best selves. Each of these authors has persevered through difficult times, some overcoming debilitating injuries and ailments, some surviving unimaginable abuse, and many suffering tremendous loss. Their stories, while unique to them, offer universal truths. They shine a light on the troubles and difficulties so many of us must endure. They show us that we too can survive.

You are not alone. You can surmount the seemingly insurmountable, to not only survive but to thrive and emerge victorious. Each author offers insight, encouragement, assistance, and a way to connect with them. Each author has been interviewed on the Victim to Victory podcast which you can access from the book with the QR code in each chapter. You will not only read their stories but hear and watch them via Vodcast as well.

Meet The Authors:  Justine Martin, Kim Ward, Nefertiti San Miguel, Alison Leitheiser, Lisa Bennett-Oliver, Farita Khambatta, Stacey Roi, Julie Paulston, Clare Williamson, Edie De Vilbiss, Ruby Lee McDonald, Pamela Morgan, Rachel Rideout, M. Susan Patterson,  Diane Belanger, Gregorio Lewis, Azelene Williams, and Inna Pinkhasova


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